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Introducing our New, Upgraded Client Experience!

New Full-Service Menu Now Offered

Beginning Aug 15, 2020:

-All color services will include a GLOSS and B3 bond builder.

-All cut services will include the Detox and Hydrate service upgrade. 

‘Partial highlight’ services will now include the ‘Ponytail’ upgrade. These highlights in the nape area ensure your ponytail will have a cohesive look while you’re between your ‘full highlight’ services!

Let me explain exactly what these new additions
are all about

Psst! Time to get excited!

What makes a GLOSS so amazing?

  • balances porosity to help color last longer
  • smooths and adds shine
  • cancels unwanted tones in the hair
  • elevates overall color by blending and adding cohesiveness
  • softens root for a more seamless grow out

Why is a Bond Builder so important?

  • B3 bond builder is a bond fortifier which helps your hair stay healthy while being shifted colored.  It protects the cuticle from damage and strengthens already broken bonds (which we all have). It is added directly to your color mixture, gloss treatment or deep conditioner to add even more shine, strength, and manageability to the hair. Basically it brings more health to your beautiful locks! 

What is the Detox and Hydrate service?

  • This treatment is designed to remove any current buildup on your hair or scalp. We will choose a custom detoxifying cleanser depending on what your hair/scalp needs at the time of your appointment to remove buildup from product, chlorine, hard water, old silicones, dead skin cells, and scalps oils.
  • That along with a longer more in-depth massage prepares your hair to be ready to take in the moisture from the deep conditioner we choose for you depending on your moisture or specific strengthening needs. Hello, luxurious!
  • Each conditioner will have a B3 bond builder added to it. This conditioning treatment will sit for 10-15 mins depending on the product chosen for your hair. 30 min Deluxe treatments are available for a $25 upcharge.

New Service Menu

Curly Haircut Services

All of our full-service curly cuts will now all include our detox and rehydrate service (everything described above).  Then we will teach you tips and tricks to style your hair with customized styling products specific to your needs to help your curls during the current season, followed by the drying method of your choice to make your curls pop.  After drying, we will check your cut to make sure every curl is in place before sending you out into the world to rock your new look! 

First Time Client Experience*
Ladies Curly Cut- $300-375
Men’s Curly Cut- $140-220
Kids Curly Cuts (under 10 y/o)- $165-215

Existing Client Experience
Ladies Curly Cuts- $185-255
Mens Curly Cuts- $75-150
Kids Services (under 10 y/o)-$105-175

*New client cuts include a longer time slot for consultation and education along with a customized product package with a cleanser conditioner and styler for your curl type along with several tools you’ll see to set yourself up for success in achieving your best curls after you leave the salon.

Please note; Cut prices are based on length and density. Contact us with a photo of your hair to get a personalized price quote.

Full-Service Color Experience

In order for your hair to look it’s best and be as healthy as possible all of our full-service colors will now INCLUDE a bond builder/strengthener and a glaze on the ends to refresh your color. While this used to be an optional add-on service, we have found that our clients who add these items experience less color fading, more shine, better frizz control, and less breakage. We’ve decided all of our clients deserve this VIP treatment and now it will be included in every color service. (Get excited again! Ekk!)

  • Root Touch up -starting at-$151
  • All over color -starting at-$166
  • Feature foils (15 mins) – $9 per foil up to 10 foils (only available as an add-on to a color service)
  • Partial Foil – starting at-$177
  • Full foil – starting at-$235
  • Pintura Highlights for Curly Hair-Starting at-$285
  • Balayage HighLights-Starting at-$285

*All color services NOW include the full-service experience
described above.

Deep Conditioner/Styling Services-

  • Product/Styling lesson (included for all new clients) – starting at-$165
  •  Detox and Rehydrate Service with Curly Style-starting at- $90

Here at the Curl Sanctuary, we’ve always been committed to not only giving you a style / cut /color that you love and in addition to that it’s been our mission to help you LOVE your curls. That commitment and mission as not changed, in fact it’s gotten stronger and bigger than ever before!

We look forward to seeing you again soon. Be sure to text or call us to receive your personalized quote and plan for moving forward.


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