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Our Mission is Curls:

To love them, to teach them, and to proudly share them with the world.


Choose from one of our many services, each experience customized to meet your curly hair needs.

The Art & Science of Curls

Our Stylists are trained and certified by DevaCurl ® New York

And there’s always something new to learn in curly trends. We keep going back to further our expertise, year after year, to bring new skills back to you.

Doing hair is easy, but teaching it? That’s our highest priority!

Curly Hair Tips

Throw out your shampoo

Opt for non‑stripping cleansers instead

Silicones = NO

Most conditioner has silicone, which only dries out your hair

Cool off your curls

Seal curls by shifting to cooler water in the shower

Terrycloth is a bad idea

Textured fiber roughs up the cuticle of your hair and creates frizz

No Touching!

When your hair is drying, do not touch it unless you want frizz!

Healthy Hair Comes From Healthy Products

Your wellness is important. That’s why we only use products that are free of harmful chemicals that won’t damage your hair, or your well-being.

No Sulfates, No Parabens, No Silicones,

Before & After #STLcurls

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