Products - Curl Sanctuary
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Wellness for the mind, body, and spirit

We take great care in selecting only products that are completely free of parabens, sulfates, silicones, and other harmful and potentially carcinogenic chemicals. Forget about checking the labels of every bottle — you can rest easy knowing that Curl Sanctuary products are safe to use on your crown of curls every day.

Responsible Products

DevaCurl Products are 100% cruelty-free, developed without the use of testing on animals. Plus, 98% of products sold at Curl Sanctuary are vegan, created without animal byproducts.

Note: Set it Free contains beeswax, a natural moisturizer, and Low-Poo is made from lanolin, a harmless process made from sheep’s wool.


Original no poo
Decadence no poo
Original low poo
Delight low poo
Build up buster


Original one Conditioner
Decadence one Conditioner
Delight one Conditioner
Heaven in Hair

Define and style

Light defining gel
Ultra defining gel
Arc Angel gel
The curl maker
Wave maker
Frizz free volumizing foam
Beautiful mess
Set it free
Styling cream
Mist-er right
No-comb detangling spray


Build Up buster
Melt into moisture
Deep sea repair

Men’s Line: Black

Total Shampoo
No Dandruff
Fiber Wax
Beach Gel
Energy Deo Stick
Beard & Mustache Oil


Niophlex Bonder
Niophlex Enhancer
Niophlex Maintainer
Niophlex Rescue Shampoo
Niophlex Rescue Conditioner
Niophlex Rescue Spray

Colour Bombs

Cold Silver
Soft Vanilla
Light Malt
Caffe Latte
Hot Chocolate
Warm Chestnut
Sweet Toffee
Shiny Copper
Spicy Curry
Vivid Saffron
Fire Red
Strong Paprika
Crazy Violet
Fancy Violet

Mé Hair Spray
Mé Curl Cream
Mé Blow Dry Cream
Mé Fiber Mousse
Mé Blow Dry Spray
Mé Serum Cream
Mé Massive Powder
Mé Dry Clean
Mé Clay in a Spray
Mé Moulding Paste
Mé Heat Defender
Mé Root Lifter
Mé Beach Styler