New Clients: Total Curl Transformation - Curl Sanctuary
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For new clients, we give an extra deep dive into curly education and care.

We start by asking about your curl story and lots of questions about your hair. “What is your daily routine like?” “What do you want to get out of your hair?” Then, together, you and your stylist will create a curly game-plan to get you there.

We cut your hair while it’s dry, with extra care for each individual curl. Then we teach you how to cleanse, apply products and set your curls for maximum moisture– so there’s no more guessing! After your curl treatment, you’ll dry under a hood or diffuser, depending on your home method. Then we double check your hair, talk about next steps, and give you everything you need to follow the same process from home, for the same stellar curls!


To book your appointment, call us at 314-915-2875