Haircut - Curl Sanctuary
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Color & Curly Cut

The Curl Sanctuary specialty! Custom color and cut for your dream look!

Curly Cut

The classic curly cut includes a revisit with your hair goals: Are we headed in the right direction? Are we doing everything we can for your curls? Then we dry cut, cleanse, and apply product to set your curls. After drying under the hood dryer or with the deva fuser, we give you the curly hair tussle for knock-out curls!

Kids Curly Cut

A curly cut with styling tips customized just for those little curly kiddos! No fuss, no frizz

Kids Cut Non Curly

A kid’s cut without the fuss

Ladies Cut/Style

A wet haircut with a blow-dry and style

Men’s Curly Haircut

A dry cut specifically for curly hair

Men’s Cut/Style

A wet cut and style

Non Curly, Color & Blow-dry

The Works! All over color, cut, and a blow dry for your freshest look yet.

Super Curly Fractal Zig Zag Cut

Twizzles, micro-spirals, and fractal zig zags, oh my! Our stylists give you the one-of-a-kind attention your hair needs, starting with a detailed dry cut, followed by Deva moisturizers and no-poo cleansers. Then, shake, shake, shake for those flawless, frizz-less curls!

Total Curl Transformation (New Clients Only)